Why a good night’s sleep is important for your baby.

Why a good night’s sleep is important for your baby.

Babies tend to wake up during the night when their sleep cycles shift from REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep to non-REM sleep. It is completely natural for your baby to wake up from time to time during the night. But as they grow, it is important for them to sleep for longer durations.

Sleep affects your baby’s growth rate

Sleep affects your baby’s development in a myriad of ways. Adequate sleep is needed for your child to grow and gain weight at the right pace. In the first three months of life, your baby will gain 150-250 grams of weight per week. This growth mainly happens during the night when the baby is sound asleep. So, it is crucial that your baby get enough sleep to ensure that they grow at a healthy pace. Undisturbed sleep is also important for your baby to grow at the right pace when they’re older. Babies who are sleep deprived tend to overfeed during infancy, which can lead to obesity when they are older.

Sleep affects immunity

Tired babies also tend to have lower immunity. Studies show that babies that didn’t get enough sleep in the early months of life have lower immunity than those that did. This is because of a protein called cytokine that we produce in our sleep which helps fight infection and illnesses. The production of cytokine during our earliest months is crucial to our lifelong immunity. So, making sure that your child gets enough sleep is important because of all kinds of developmental reasons.

Always make sure

While waking up a few times a night is normal for your baby, disturbed sleep to an acute extent could be because of a number of reasons. Making sure that your baby gets enough nutrition is important for them to able to sleep soundly through the night. Also make sure that your baby is has been burped and is free of gas or any other irritation at night to ensure that they make a habit of sleep, so as to support their sleep cycle in their later years.

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