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Why you should invest in a good breast pump

Gone are the days when moms have to choose between continuing to breastfeed their new baby or going back to work. Breast pumps enable busy moms to give their babies all the benefits of being breastfed without having to stay at home to feed them the whole day. But even if you’re not a working mother, investing in a good breast pump can benefit you and your baby.

It might come in handy for babies who can’t latch

Many babies have trouble latching on to their mother’s breast soon after birth. While this is a pronounced problem with premature babies and babies born with cleft palate, a lot of full-term babies also have trouble latching at first. This is why, its important that you be prepared with a breast pump before birth so as to not deny your baby vital days of breastfeeding due to unforeseen circumstances such as the baby being unable to latch.

It helps you lactate

While the primary use of breast pumps is to pump milk for when the mother is away from the baby, another common use is to increase the milk production in the mother. Many mothers often have trouble lactating and don’t produce as much milk as expected. Pumping can help get your milk production up as well as help with flat or inverted nipples so that your baby doesn’t have to struggle as they eat more and more.

It’s handy to have around

Even if you don’t immediately plan to spend much time away from your baby, you never know what you’ll have to deal in the hectic life of a modern mother. Maybe you’ll have to go out on an emergency or maybe you’ll just be needing some rest while dad watches your new bundle of joy. The ability to just pump and leave your breastmilk for your baby will make sure that you don’t have to resort to formula feeding even for a day.

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