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While the body is recovering from giving birth and we are at an all time low, physically. The added problems we face from baby not latching to low milk supply to sore nipples, seem to make the breastfeeding journey impossible
But why is breastfeeding so important?
Breastfeeding is an unequalled way of providing ideal food for the baby. Lactation consultants say mother’s milk has the right nutrients at the right temperature!
What most of us don’t know is that Low milk supply issues can be improved by altering or introducing some foods/ herbs in our everyday diet.
Zandu has introduced “Striveda” Satavri lactation supplement. It’s an ayurvedic composition which is safe, natural and recommended by doctors!
Good news is Zandu Striveda is easily available on Amazon and

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Prerna Sinha wanted to share something personal for new moms. She has not spoken about her breastfeeding journey on a video before, but here it is. It was not easy for her the first time, issues like inadequate rest, baby not latching on, choosing to feed from one side and losing the milk supply at 6 months when she wanted to breastfeed him for longer. We all have our journeys and each to their own. Many moms have to resort to top feed due to lack of milk supply, for those moms there is a natural and safe product called Zandu Striveda, which has Satavari, a safe ayurvedic herb with no side effects. This helps in promoting lactation and takes this worry off your head.

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Breastfeeding is a mother’s gift to herself, her baby and the earth. A new born has only three demands. The warmth in the arms of their mother, food from her breasts, and security in the knowledge of her presence. Sneha Tiwari AKA Highstreetmommy, had a very smooth breastfeeding journey. However, she was struggling with low milk supply and wasn’t aware of Zandu Striveda at the time. While top feed was there for her as a necessary substitute, so was her emotional guilt. 
Nowadays, top feed and formula is often used as a substitute for breastmilk when mothers don’t lactate enough to fulfill their baby’s needs. 
To meet this requirement of new mommies, Zandu has launched a 100 % safe, ayurvedic product called Zandu Striveda. Advised by doctors and clinically proven, it comes as a great relief for mothers who always question if they are doing enough for their baby.  This product is exclusively made from satavari, an herb useful in increasing milk production in the post-natal stage. The powder increases the prolactin level in mothers in order to increase milk production. It’s India’s first ayurvedic product that aids in increasing lactation. It even gives you great taste along with quality.

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Every mother’s breastfeeding journey is different. Some have it easy and milk supply sets in from the get-go. However, for many of us, it can be stressful. We all know the several benefits of breastfeeding for both mother and child. Worrying about insufficient milk can wear a new mother down. This is where Zandu’s Striveda comes to the rescue of lactating mothers. It is made from Satavari which is known to boost lactation. It is a 100 % safe and Ayurvedi product. Clinically tested and recommended by doctors. With a well trusted brand like Zandu, you know you are only giving the best to your baby.

Dr. Vijayalaxmi Goel on breast milk supply | StriVeda

Dr. Vijayalaxmi Goel (Obstetrician and Gynecologist) on “Low breastmilk supply and how to handle it”.

Worried about her baby’s nutrition, Mona Kapoor had tried everything from breast pumps to diet moderation. Her worries, however, were put to rest less than week after she started taking StriVeda.

Khushboo Jain writes about the feelings of inadequacy she experienced while breastfeeding her first child. Finding out about shatavari and its ability to assist lactation led her to StriVeda, solving all her problems.

Ujjwal Mishra was distressed about not being able to breastfeed her child that she felt that she might be suffering from postpartum depression. Her woes were finally answered when she started using StriVeda and breast pumps to help make breastfeeding easier.

Second-time mom, Neha Jain, is excited to give StriVeda a try because she plans to breastfeed her baby for more than a year. She’s enthusiastic about the product, StriVeda being not only a 100% natural but also a 100% vegetarian.

Shubnita Singh, being a science student, knows all the science behind breastfeeding. She recommends StriVeda as shatavari is proven to assist in lactation.

Parul Malhotra talks about attending a bloggers meet. Excited about a solution to many mothers’ woes, she was overjoyed to learn about StriVeda.

Deepali Sood had a tough time with the bitter taste of shatavari when she needed to up her supply. As a second-time mom, she’s glad to have it in the form of sweet, sweet, vanilla flavored Striveda.

Geetu suffered from feelings of inadequacy after the birth of her third child, as she had trouble breastfeeding for the first time in her life. Discovering StriVeda, however, got her back on track and feeding her new baby just like her older ones.
Antima Singh had trouble getting her baby to breastfeed when she first gave birth. She soon found an all natural solution in the form of StriVeda.
Vandita Chaurasia was worried about her baby missing out on the vital antibodies from colostrum because her baby refused to be breastfed. She goes into detail about how StriVeda can help.
Kavita Jayant writes about the various deficiencies the body can face after childbirth and how StriVeda can help your body maintain top breastfeeding health for your baby.
Aakansha’s trouble breastfeeding her second child came as a surprise to her because she’d faced no such problem with her first. After months of futile experimentation with supplements she discovered a solution in the form of StriVeda.
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A Natural remedy to boost milk supply among new mothers

Momspresso and StriVeda came together with a bunch of mommy bloggers to talk about breastfeeding and its importance.
Nursing mommies are always scared to try new products for their well being, as the baby’s health is also involved. 

Those worries can now take a backseat with Ayurveda in your regime. 
Read the full article to know more about breastfeeding and products that help in lactation.

Indiantwins Mummy on StriVeda

Zandu Striveda Ayurveda for women-
1. Helps promote healthy lactation
2. Enriched with Shatavari
3.Natural and safe

A Woman is complete when she become a Mother”.That’s really true. A motherhood is a beautiful journey ,noting is more precious than the feeling that you give birth to a little life.

Yuvika Abrol | Zandu Striveda

Yuvika has always been worried about her child’s health in the initial months. She has spoken how she and so many mothers like her need not worry about their breastmilk being insufficient for their infants anymore, with Striveda in their lives.

Zandu StriVeda |BabyChakra Indias Largest Parenting Platform | Dr Yatri Thacker

For all those mommies out there who would love to know a little more about breastfeeding, Dr. Yatri Thacker has discussed “Everything about
Breastfeeding and Lactation Food”.

Sakshi| Zandu Striveda

The beautiful emotional bond between the mother and her child is very precious. Breastfeeding is one way to build this bond. Sakshi has explained how Striveda plays that important role to make this union happen.

Beautiful mommy Saru Mukherjee Sharma has spoken about the importance of breastfeeding and the role of Striveda in a new mommy’s life.

aesomeidianmom | Zandu Striveda Review

A detailed review of Striveda and everything you need to know about the product by awesome indianmom.

Satavari helps in increasing breastmilk naturally, Striveda is enriched with Satavari that provides relaxation to new mommies ensuring them better production of breastmilk. Chandni has explained the importance of breastfeeding and the goodness of Striveda.

Zandu StriVeda | Baby Chakra in conversation with Dr. Meghana Sarvaiya

Mother’s milk is the best source of nutrition for a baby but breastfeeding can have its own set of challenges. In conversation with Dr. Meghana Sarvaiya (Obstetrician and Gynecologist who has discussed “Everything About Nutrition & Lactation”.

फीड कराने वाली मां को जरूरत होती है कि वो पौष्टिक डाइट खाए जिस से उस के स्तनों में पर्याप्त मात्रा में दूध आ पाए.

A session with Dr. Vaishali Joshi (Obstetrician and Gynecologist) on "Why breastfeeding & how to prepare for it "| Babychakra | Striveda

An informative live session with Dr. Vaishali Joshi (Obstetrician and Gynecologist) who has talked about “Why breastfeeding & how to prepare for it “

Zandu Striveda & Momspresso bloggers meet

Mother’s milk is the best source of nutrition for a baby but breastfeeding can have its own set of challenges. In conversation with Dr. Meghana Sarvaiya (Obstetrician and Gynecologist who has discussed “Everything About Nutrition & Lactation”.