Zandu Striveda Lactation Supplement

Zandu Striveda Lactation Supplement enriched with Satavari is known to improve lactation among nursing mother thus aiding in all-round development for the child.

Zandu StriVeda helps women lead a healthy and active life by providing safe and Ayurvedic products addressing specific health concerns at various stages of their life.


Each 100g contains
Satavari (Asparagus racemosus Wild.) Rt – 20g,
Flavored base – Q.S.,
Colors Used:
Carmoisine, Brilliant Blue FCF,
Sunset Yellow FCF


Mix 1-2 tablespoons (10 to 20g) in a glass of milk (200ml) and take once daily or as per physician’s recommendation.

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About Satavari

Satavari is a well-known Ayurvedic galactogogue herb, which helps lactating mothers by controlling their hormonal balance and promoting lactation. It’s a very popular ingredient, often prescribed by doctors, and is natural, nutritious and safe, with no side effects.


Satavari Lactation Supplement contains Satavari incorporated in sugar-based granules which improves breast milk quantity in lactating mother.

Every 100 Gms of Satavari Lactation Supplement contains Shatavari (Asparagus racemosus) root powder 20 Gms in sugar-based granules.

All lactating mother especially with an inadequate supply of breast milk. Inadequate milk means the quantity of breast milk not sufficient to pacify infants hunger.
(We cannot quantify it in ml)

Satavari Lactation Supplement is useful in increasing the milk production in post-natal females complaining of inadequate lactation.

Satavari Lactation Supplement has the potential to increase prolactin level in mothers thereby increases milk production.

Satavari Lactation Supplement is useful in increasing the milk production in post-natal females complaining of inadequate lactation.

Mother’s Horlicks contain milk, mat, mineral, and vitamins, and our product contains only Satavari and Sugar.
Zandu Satavari LS has Ayurvedic medicine and Mother’s Horlicks has a food license. Mineral/ vitamin assay is not mandatory for Ayurvedic medicines so we have not done it for our product. In this condition comparison between two products on a nutritional basis is not appropriate. So we can say our product is different than Mother’s Horlicks because it is Ayurvedic medicine, herbal galactogogue i.e. improves breast milk.

Satavarex helps in increasing prolactin level at good concentration, which is useful in breast milk production and take care of inadequate lactation.

We don’t have direct data to prove that Shatavari improves the quality of breast milk

Yes, Satavari Lactation Supplement contains Satavari which is well known herbal ingredient for its Galactogogue action ie increases breast milk supply.

Satavari Lactation Supplement is used post-natal period and depending on patients condition the effects will vary. Results are measured on the basis of satisfaction of mother and infant. However, as per clinical study on Zandu Satavarex prolactin level was tested after 4 weeks and results were very encouraging.

Satavarex is safe to use. Recommended since ages without any safety concerns but as it contains 80% of sugar it is restricted to use by diabetics.

Immediately after Delivery however intake will be depending on the patient’s condition

For regular and longer lactation Satavari Lactation Supplement can be taken throughout the breastfeeding period

The galactogogue property of Satavari is well proven both in preclinical and Clinical studies. There are various studies suggesting its galactogogue properties. In one of the published clinical studies shows that it is useful for improving the prolactin level which is useful to improve breast milk in lactating mothers. Due to adequate breast milk supply, it shows improvement in  infant weight along with Significant subjective satisfaction of mothers

Lactating mother can take this product with milk twice a day.

Advice to take Zandu Satavari Lactation supplement twice a day with milk.

Take Zandu Satavarex twice a day with hot or cold milk and water.

Zandu Satavarex  is Sugar based granules  however for a taste you may add sugar or Honey

Satavari Lactation Supplement contains sugar based Shatavari granules, well known for postnatal lactation so one can start without doctors advice but diabetic should consult a physician before starting the same.

No, there is no food restriction while taking Satavari Lactation Supplement

Satavari Lactation Supplement is sugar based Satavari granules and no adverse reaction is mentioned with other general medicines. So it is safe to use with other medications.

Satavari Lactation Supplement is clinically tested products and proven safe and effective for lactating mothers.

Yes, on the basis of available clinical trial and positive results on Satavari Lactation Supplement , it is always recommended by doctor..

Zandu Satavarex expiry is 3 years from the date of manufacturing date.