What you should do when your baby is cranky and crying constantly

If your baby is cranky and crying constantly, this is what you should do. 

Babies often go through a cranky period during infancy. While it is completely normal for babies to fuss during this period, crankiness that is out of the ordinary could be an indicator of several possible problems that your baby might be facing.

  • Maybe your baby has rashes or skin irritation. Babies have sensitive skin which can make them prone to rashes quite easily. Making sure that they are dry and well powdered after changing their diaper is crucial because of such sensitive skin. Babies that might be developing skin allergies also tend to fuss and cry for seemingly no reason. Make sure your baby’s skin is dry and irritation free to ensure that they don’t fuss or act cranky, losing valuable rest.
  • Maybe your baby hasn’t been burped properly. Babies need to be burped after every feeding to ensure that they don’t have gas. With their newly formed gastrointestinal systems being especially delicate, a cranky baby might be a sign of one that is suffering from discomfort because of gas. This is why it is important to burp your baby not only after feedings but even during feeding breaks. It can be one of the tougher things about a baby to get the hang of, but once you learn how to burp them properly, your baby’s fussiness should die down.
  • Maybe your baby isn’t getting enough nutrition. Making sure that your baby is getting enough to eat is just part of the equation. An infant needs a complex set of nutrients to ensure that the needs of their rapid growth during these crucial months are met. During these months, breastfeeding mothers need to make sure that they adhere to the right diet so that their baby gets the right set of nutrients.
  • Maybe your baby is being overfed. Feeding a baby every time they’re cranky can be a quick fix that hurts them in the long run. Overfeeding can cause discomfort in your baby, causing them to be fussy and cranky. Make sure that you’re feeding your baby in just the right amount so that they get their nourishment without feeling overfed.

These are but some of the problems an infant might be facing causing them to be cranky. If your baby fusses to an abnormal extent, you should always consult with a doctor to make sure that they aren’t suffering from any conditions.

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