Dr. Neena Sharma on Zandu Striveda

Dr. Neena Sharma

BAMS, MD (Ayurveda)
Doctor Speaks…
Satavari Lactation supplement” name given as the main active ingredient is Satavari (Asparagus racemosus) which is well known galactogogue since ancient days. Satavari means “who possesses a hundred husbands or acceptable to many” that means it has the ability to increase fertility and vitality. As per Ayurveda Satavari is known as Satnya Herb ie herbs which possess “Galactogogue” activity. “Galactogogue” is a substance that promotes lactation in humans and other animals. It may be synthetic, plant-derived, or endogenous. Satavari, show galactogogue activity by increasing prolactin level, and also enhances growth of mammary glands, areolar tissue in lactating mother. Satavari also helps to increase intelligence, promote learning and memory. It shows rejuvenation and immunomodulatory action to maintain overall health. Satavari is general tonic, but more useful for female reproductive system. Satavari is a boon for female reproductive system. It is useful in menstrual disorders like as dysmenorrhea, premenstrual syndrome, irregular bleeding during peri-menopausal period and also in situations after menopause. Saponins from in Satavari helps to hinder oxytocic activity on uterine muscles and shows positive results in Dysmenorrhea. Since ancient period Satavari has been used to maintain over all health and also from various studies, it has been shown safe for long term use. But as it contains 80% of sugar it is restricted to use by diabetics. So Satavari Lactation supplement is boon for lactating mother, to improve quantity of breast milk required to satisfy newly born infant .also this breast milk is very useful to enhance babies immunity.

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Your baby may be cranky because it needs to be fed or it needs proper nutrition. Make sure you are feeding your baby throughout the day at regular intervals. Your breastmilk is the best source of nutrition for your baby.

Your baby is young enough to be breastfed. Breastmilk is the best source of nutrition for him. Keep feeding him your breastmilk and frequently throughout the day at regular intervals.



Shalmoli Das Dutta


Soon after giving birth to my first child, I was faced with a problem I had not been prepared for at all. I was hardly producing any breast milk. I was under the impression that the milk production starts when the baby's born and was not prepared to feed her with alternative methods. Thankfully, I started having StriVeda daily, after my doctor recommended it and my production increased drastically in a few weeks. Thanks to StriVeda I won't have to turn to any alternatives to feed my child.

Paroma Maity


Soon after being born, my son started being a fussy sleeper. And by fussy sleeper, I mean that he would cry inconsolably throughout the night. He would cry through the night to the extent that I thought he might fall ill from lack of sleep. A friend suggested that he might not be being fed enough, even though I would breastfeed him when he woke up at night. I took a chance and started having StriVeda in hopes that getting more to eat would cause him to sleep properly. And it worked! Turned out he just needed more milk all along and he hasn't been a fussy sleeper since.

Adrija Nair


I started taking StriVeda a few weeks after my son was born and have never felt better. I had been suffering from digestive problems for the duration of my pregnancy and they didn't stop after giving birth. StriVeda, having been made with satavari, not only helped me improve the quality of my breast milk but also improved my overall health. My digestive problems have stopped since I started taking StriVeda and I feel much better.

Tiasha Das


I'm a big fan of everything that is natural and ayurvedic. So, when I had my twins, of course it was going to be an all-natural lifestyle for them. I had to be careful of what I put into my body because I was breastfeeding. But StriVeda seemed to be right on point. Being ayurvedic and made with satavari, I had no qualms about incorporating StriVeda into my daily meals and it worked wonders. Not only did it increase the quality and quantity of my breast milk but I have never felt healthier. I had read about satavari helping with depression and anxiety and as I hoped, it worked wonders for my post-partum depression too. My babies and I are in great health and its all thanks to StriVeda.