Breastfeeding Hygiene

Your guide to breastfeeding hygiene

When talking about breastfeeding, one of the topics that people often miss out on is hygiene. While there are indeed more crucial things that new mothers need advice on, breastfeeding hygiene is definitely not a topic to be skipped. Adhering to the right hygiene during your breastfeeding days is important not just for your baby’s health but for your own health too.

Wash up

Keeping your nipples and breasts clean is important as you don’t want any random bacteria making its way into your baby’s system. Make sure to shower post-exercise to make sure that there is no sweat on your body. As a busy new mom, even if you don’t find enough time to shower every time you get sweaty, make sure to wash you breasts a few times a day, preferably before feeding. It is also advisable to wash after feeding, as there may be saliva left over from the feeding. After washing you can gently towel dry and prevent dry skin by using unscented moisturizer that is safe for your baby.

Dress right

While it goes without saying that you should wear clean clothes while you are breastfeeding, there is a lot that has to be kept in mind. If you’ve opted to use nursing pads, it is a great choice as it will help you avoid any embarrassing leaking at random times. However, it is important to make sure that you change your nursing pads frequently as they tend to be a breeding ground for bacteria when not changed. Nursing bras also tend to get dirty quicker than normal bras, so it is important to change and wear a new one every day.

Keep clean

While some extra hygiene measures do have to be maintained while you are breastfeeding, for the most part it’s just okay to follow your regular daily hygiene routine. Just make sure that you wear clean clothes, clean your breast pump regularly and just keep you baby’s environment sterile, and your baby should be safe while feeding.

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